Brand: Golden Laser
Product Code: 4000w 6000w 8000w

Large area laser cutting machine, with cutting area 2500mm*6000mm and 2500mm*8000mm for choice. 

6000w laser cutter can cut max 25mm carbon steel sheet, 20mm stainless steel sheet, 16mm aluminum, 14mm brass, 10mm copper and 14mm galvanized steel.

Model number : GF-2560JH / GF-2580JH

Laser power: 4000w 6000w (8000w / 10000w optional)
CNC controller: Beckhoff controller
Cutting area: 2.5m X 6m, 2.5m X 8m

Enclosed and Exchange Table Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Features: GF-JH series 6000W, 8000W laser cutter is equipped with IPG / nLIGHT laser generator as well as other efficient drive systems, such as high precision gear rack, high precision linear guide rail, etc., and assembled through the advanced BECKHOFF CNC controller, It is a hi-tech product integrating laser cutting, precision machinery, CNC technology, etc. Mainly used to cut and engrave carbon steel sheets, stainless steel sheets, aluminum alloys, composite materials, etc., with the features of high speed, high precision, high efficiency, high price-performance ratio, and especially for the larger size metal sheets cutting, with the cutting area 2500mm*6000mm and 2500mm*8000mm, 6000w laser cutter can cut max 25mm carbon steel sheet, and 12mm stainless steel sheet.

Machine Core Parts Details 

Automatic Shuttle Table

• Integarted shutttle tables maximize the productivity and minimize the material handing times. The shuttle table changing system allows covenient loading of new sheets after unloading the of finished parts while the machine is cutting another sheet inside working area.
• The shuttle tables is fully electric and maintenance free, The table changes take place fast , smooth and energy-efficient.

Rack and Pinion Motion System

Golden Laser use one of Atlanta’s high end racks, the HPR (High Precision Rack) is a class 7 quality class and one of the highest available in today’s market. By using a class 7 rack it ensures accurate positioning and allows for higher acceleration and positioning speeds.

Liner Guide Motion System

• New entry zone geometry for high precision ball runner blocks.
• High-precision ball runner blocks have an innovative entry zone. The ends of the steel segments are not supported by the ball runner block body and can therefore deflect elastically. This entry zone adjusts individually to the actual operating load of the ball runner block.
• The balls enter the load-bearing zone very smoothly, i.e. without any load pulsation.


Germany Precitec Laser cutting Head

• High quality fiber laser cutting head , which can cut different metal materials in various thickness.
• During laser beam cutting, deviations in the distance (Zn) between nozzle (nozzle electrode) and material surface, which are caused by e.g. workpiece or position tolerances, may negatively affect the cutting result.
• The Lasermatic® sensor system enables precise distance control at high cutting speed. The distance to the workpiece surface is detected by means of capacitive distance sensors in the laser head. The sensor signal is transmitted to and analysed by the device.


IPG Fiber Laser Generator

• 700W to 8KW Output Optical Power.
• Over 25% Wall-Plug Efficiency.
• Maintenance Free Operation.
• Estimated Diode Lifetime > 100,000 Hrs.
• Singe Mode Fiber Delivery.


4000w 6000w Fiber Laser Sheet Cutting Machine

4000w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine (cutting thickness ability)

6000w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine (cutting thickness ability) 

6000W Fiber Laser Cutting Thick Metal Sheet

Material & Industry Application

Applicable Materials

Stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, copper, galvanized steel, alloy steel etc.

Applicable Field

Rail transportation, automobile, engineering machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, electrical manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, household electrical appliances, grain machinery, textile machinery, tool processing, petroleum machinery, food machinery, kitchen utensils, decoration advertising, laser processing services and other machinery manufacturing industries etc.

Machine Technical Parameters

4000w 6000w (8000w, 10000w optional) Fiber Laser Sheet Cutting Machine

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