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Product Code: 12000W

High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Thick Metal Sheet Cutting.

High Power Laser Cutting Machine - Laser Radiation Safety Protection: The laser power of the high-power fiber laser cutting machine is from 8000W (8kw), 12kw laser, 15kw laser, 20kw laser, 30kW laser. Higher laser power requires a higher level of safety protection standards. The high-power fiber laser cutting machine adopts a fully enclosed structure design, and the visible light is shielded without invisible corners during the metal cutting process. The observation window uses materials with anti-radiation functions to prevent high power laser light hazards.

High-Strength Bed and Heat-Resistant Design:

The high power laser cutting machine structure base is welded with full-thick steel plates, and the overall structural strength is doubled.

At the same time, the design of the laser heating surface of the machine bed is optimized and reduced to avoid the high temperature heating deformation of the laser cutting machine bed due to long-term high-power laser irradiation, and realize the stable cutting of thick plates for a long time.

Strong guarantee to extend the service life of the high power fiber laser machine;

High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment Protection:

Workbench protection: The toothed plate supporting the plate is made of red copper, which can protect the plate from moving on the toothed plate from being scratched.

At the same time, it is not easy to ablate even if it is exposed to a high-power laser beam for a long time. The service life is greatly prolonged and saved customer usage costs;

Graphite plate paving to prevent the bed from heating: Pave graphite plates on the heating surface of the bottom of the bed, using the high temperature and fire resistance characteristics of the graphite plate to form a protective layer on the bottom of the bed,
Ensure the high power laser cutting machine cuts thick plates for a long time, and the equipment is not easily deformed by heat;

Super Power Driven Workbench Exchange:

The high-power fiber laser cutting machine has outstanding processing capabilities.

It is normal to cut the entire thick plate for a long time, which strictly tests the load exchange capacity of the workbench.

This laser cutting equipment is driven by a double-sided high-power motor, and the worktable can be exchanged smoothly and efficiently under heavy load.

High Power Metal Laser Cutting System Features:

FSCUT8000 system is a high-end intelligent bus system launched for the needs of ultra-high power fiber laser cutting of 8KW and above.

It is stable and reliable, easy to deploy, easy to debug, safe in production, rich in functions, and excellent in performance; it supports and provides modular, personalized, automated, and information solutions.

It is the highest-end bus-type dedicated metal laser cutting system currently on the market.

Safety Door Protection:

The high-power laser cutting machine switch door is equipped with a magnetic safety door switch.

Once the operating door is opened, the safety door switch signal is instantly triggered, the control system warns, and the equipment suspends operation;

Safety Grating Protection:

Safety gratings are installed around the loading and unloading exchange platform at the back of the equipment.

During the workbench exchange, the safety grating signal is triggered, the control system warns, and the high power laser cutting machine is suspended;


More Safe in Production by Real-Time Monitor

Samples Show - High-Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine (12000W)

Material & Industry Application

High power fiber laser cutting machine using range is very big. It expends the metal cutting thickness range. Short the metalworking processing time double than middle power laser cutting machine.
With great cutting results compared than plasma cutting machines, it has become a necessary metal-cutting equipment in metalworking, metal fabrication, and construction industry.

Machine Technical Parameters

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