Product Code: AGP-2000

The AG series is a flexible and intelligent bending machine. The entire equipment is designed and produced in accordance with the standard for high-precision machine tools. High-grade casting parts are used. The casting and welded parts are subjected to the stress release process treatment and the high-precision machine tool is machined as a whole body, to ensure the precision, stability and high rigidity of the machine tool during the long period of operation

Cast body (stable structure, small deformation, high precision)

The core frame of the equipment adopts high-grade qt500-7 and ht300 castings , and the labels of the released castings are measured by testing instruments. the frame has undergone precise finite element force analysis and adopts a stable triangular interconnection design, which greatly guarantees the stability under high-tonnage impact force.

Universal universal bending die

It can automatically adapt to various geometric shapes and realize mass production. making it possible to combine high performance, automatic bending and handling with gentle

Bending form

PH Series Nitrogen Balance System

The ph series nitrogen balance system utilizes the high pressure of high pressure nitrogen in the nitrogen cylinder to balance the pressure of the balance oil cylinder to balance the weight of the main shaft of the machine tool, thereby reducing the load on the servo motor, increasing the precision life of the machine tool, and enabling the machine tool to perform high-speed and high-precision machining

Interface Display Description

The 17-inch dust-proof lcd screen and precise touch control provide customers with an intuitive interactive programming experience.
adopt star300-lgx cnc system, operating system win7+os , simple operation, easy to use, can cover the whole process of production

Japan Sanyo SANYO servo motor

As the main power source of the hydraulic pump, the servo drive replaces the asynchronous motor and retains the proportional valve control technology, which is mature and reliable. servo-controlled variable pump technology can significantly reduce the noise of the machine tool, reduce oil temperature and heat, and save energy by more than 50%

Ball screw, linear guide

Using linear guide rails and ball screws produced by taiwan shangyin, yintai, and tbi, the positioning accuracy is higher.
with the full-featured back gauge, the bending process is faster.

France Modoli high-end reducer
1. Optimized and selected oil cylinder to reduce friction and increase transmission efficiency, ip65 protection level, to ensure continuous operation up to 90 degrees 
2. Deep groove ball bearings to achieve greater load capacity 
3. Integrated shell, higher precision, stronger tensile strength rigidity, higher torsional rigidity 
4. Helical teeth, improve transmission efficiency, low noise, high precision 
5. Full needle roller, increase radial load capacity, small size  
6. Frame design, increase torsional moment, optimize power transmission
7. Special aluminum input section , reduce weight

Independent vacuum pump (strong adsorption, higher precision)
1. Pumping rate: 20l/h, power 0.75kw 
2. Abnormally stable performance: suitable for long-term high-temperature and high-pressure operation, industrial-grade motors will escort your products the oil return phenomenon, the workshop is clean and tidy 
3. The mute effect is very good, and it will no longer disturb the people when working late at night 
4. Super fuel-efficient: the fuel tank capacity is 500ml (the size of a small bottle of mineral water bottle) 
5. Small size, weight about 20kg/piece, excellent workmanship is like a work of art 
6. Domestic vacuum pumps whose performance exceeds 95%  
7. It is recommended to replace the vacuum pump oil once a month

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