Brand: Golden Laser
Product Code: P1260A

Compact size small tubes laser cutting machine (20-120mm outdiameter small tubes), with metal tubes auto feeder system together. Focus on Small size metal tube and pipes cutting.

Model number : S12plus / S16plus (P1260A)

Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine - Especially Design for Small and Middle Diameter Metal Tube and Light Pipes Laser Cutting
Suit Metal Tubes' Outer Diameter From Φ16mm to Φ120mm, Suit Various Shape Tube and Pipe CNC Laser Cutting Demands. Pipes Length Reach 6 meters.
7m to 8m for Optional    
6-meter Automatic Tube Bundle Load System for Continuous Batch Cut.


Φ20-Φ120mm OD Tube Main Chuck
Suitable Chuck Especially Design for Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine,
Round Metal Tube Diameter: Φ16mm-Φ120mm,
Square Tube Side length: 16*16mm-80*80mm.
Automatic Calibration Device for Light Weight and Small Metal Tubes Laser Cutting Machine
  • Special Hardware Design to Ensure Accuracy During Cut Lightweight and Small Outdiameter Tube With Automatic Calibration Device. 
  • Compensate This Deviation Value from The Internal Calculation in the Software      
Double Ensure Automatic Correction for Small Tube Cutting
Golden Laser's Special Design to Ensure accuracy during Cut Small and Light Tube, Extra Automatic Calibration Device When Holding the Tube Before Laser Cutting.
Suitable Adjust Power to Correct the Tube and Ensure Steady Before Laser Cutting Processing.
Germany CNC PA BUS Controller With High Compatibility
Advanced Algorithm in the Tube Laser Cutting Machine Controller
Visual Operation Interface Give your Good User Experiences During the Production.
Easy Operate and Double Your Production Efficiency Rate.
6 Meter Small Tube Automatic Bundle Loader
The Compact Design Automatic Pipe Loading System, Saves Your Workshop Space
Loading Different Shaped Metal Tube: Round Tubes, Square Tubes, Rectangle Tubes, Angle Tubes, I Beam, Channel Steel, and so on.
Max Loading Weight Ability: 2T.

Two Types Floating Support Especially For Round and Square Metal Tube Before Laser Cutting

Unique Tube Laser Cutting Machine designed by Golden Laser Tube Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers.

One Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine with TWO types Floating Support System Ensures the Tube Feeding Steadily During the High-speed Laser Cutting, Ensuring the Excellent Accuracy of Laser Cutting Result.
"V" type for Round Metal Tube Holding
"I" type for Square and Rectangle Metal Tubes Holding.

Tube Laser Cutting Machine Layout

Limited Floor Space to Cut Metal Tubes by Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine.
Maximum Degree to Save Your Working Space and Save Shipping Cost 
Only 3.65*12m For the Tube Laser Cutting Machine Running

1*40HQ Shipping for Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Compact Structure Design
Design for Your Small Metal Tube Cutting Demand also Considers Your Automatic Metal Tube Cutting Production Demand,

All the Tube Laser Cutting Machines and Tube Automatic Loading Systems with Water Chiller and Other Spare parts right Put into a 40HQ for Shipping From China, One Pluge turn On Design Save Your Installation Time and Saves Your Shipping Cost.

Material & Industry Application

ApApplicable Materials
Stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, copper, alloy steel and galvanized steel etc.  

ApApplicable Industry

This model is suit for  different shape small diameter tube truncating and holes drilling, in high precise and high speed.
Steel furniture industry: the seamless connection of 3D design software shortens the time from design to production: the designer uses 3D design software to design exquisite furniture drawings in the office, and the graphics can be directly imported into the equipment cutting system in the next step, immediately Show the design results.
Medical device industry; the ability to adapt to a variety of processing objects: various specifications and types of medical devices are faced with complex tube processing techniques, and the comprehensive processing capabilities of this equipment can fully meet.

Machine Technical Parameters


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