Brand: Golden Laser
Product Code: P3580A

P3580A is one of a automatic High-end intelligent CNC  laser tube cutting machine, especially for daimeter within 350mm steel profile cutting.
With Automatic bundle loading system for automatic continous profile cutting production.

350mm Out Diameter Tube Main Chucks...
New Generation Casting Main Chucks

Casting Frame for embedded installation. more high accuracy and long use life.

The main chuck innovatively uses a casting frame for embedded installation, which is integrated with the main body of the machine tool, and the ultra-high-speed cutting is as stable. There is no need to adjust the jaw position for full-stroke clamping.

Servo Controller Strong Pipe Supporter...
Variable diameter wheel suit for large size and heavy tubes

The resin wheel servo control variable diameter wheel support system, more steady in production. which ensure the heavy duty tube won't be throwned out during high-speed rotation due to gravity...

Automtically adjusted through the cutting system can quickly complete the input of pipe diameter data, abandoning the manual adjustment method, and the operation is simpler and safer.

Large Power Tube Tail Chuck...
Adjust power to capture large and heavy tube,

End chuck also uses pneumatic chuck valid for tube diameter from 20-350mm. Special mold support special shape pipe, like L tubes, I beam, Channel steel...

Germany PA BUS cnc controller with Spain Lanteck CAM software ...
Including the design and nesting of the tube, will finish more than 90% working before laser-cut,

Various shape metal tubes can be cut like a triangle, oval, waist tube, and other open shaped tube & pipe, I beam, Channel beam process, pls contact with our sales...

New architecture PA touch screen bus cutting system...
The cutting system uses a brand-new UI interface.

After the system is upgraded, it includes 7 modules: planning, production, process, debugging, maintenance, diagnosis, and setting.

The entire system is more intelligent and digital and can be seamlessly connected with the EMS intelligent cloud data management system of the intelligent manufacturing factory...

Automatic Collecting Device...
Floating support receives the pipes into the basket

Servo motor control the floating supporter, it can adjust the support point according to the pipe diameter quickly. ensures the concentricity, reduces pipe swinging during the laser cutting...

8-meter tube automatic bundle loader...
Suit for various diameter pipe automatic loading, Max loading Weight 2.5t,
Especially design ensure to loading by a 40GP, Metal chain loading with pipe length measure function ensure to feeding the right size pipe to tube fiber laser cutting machine before cutting, save your tubes....

Material & Industry Application

Applicable Materials 
Stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, copper, galvanized steel, alloy steel and so on.

Applicable Types of Tubes
Large diameter Round tube, Squre tube, Rectangle tube, I beam, Channel beam, Angle iron and so on

Application Industry 
Mainly used in tubes processing industry etc, building structure, bridge  fitness equipment, office furniture, shelves, steel structure, medical industry, rail rack and other industries tube and shaped pipe and other profile processing. 

Machine Technical Parameters
High-end intelligent CNC laser pipe cutting machine P Series
Tube Laser Cutter Technical Parameters

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