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CIDAN: K25-40

เครื่องพับ CIDAN K25-40 Heavy Combi beam

CIDAN Folding machine K25-40 Combi

  • Control system ProLink S
  • Variable folding beam speed, frequency control and 2.2 kW motor
  • Machine equipped with grease fittings
  • High divided tool for upper beam, height 103 mm for K25-40, 1.0 mm
  • AGS-40 Base unit 1050 mm (4100 mm width) spring steel fingers
  • AGS extension right 500 mm
  • AGS extension left 500 mm
  • Including totally 92 ball transfers
  • Pneumatic valve unit for 500 mm extension
  • Squaring arm 1500 mm, mounted on the left side
  • Extra foot pedal with key switch

CIDAN folding machine K25 is a fast and easy to use machine, made in a sturdy all-welded steel construction with cast iron side frames for stability. K25 is built for continuous running under the most demanding conditions. This machine covers a wide range of different usage areas and is for example appropriate for the manufacturing industry, repair workshops, sheet-metal shops and sign manufacturers. Both the folding beam and the clamping beam have twin drives.

  • As a standard feature the machine is supplied with a CNC-control and as options various motorized back gauge. K25 can also be equipped with our unique Combi clamping beam. The Combi clamping beam with automatic locking makes it possible to change tools in less than 10 seconds. Tool changes are programmed directly in the control, and the tool change is made automatically.
  • An eccentric drive that minimizes wear and gives the best possible opening and closing speeds drives the clamping beam. This also gives the best possible clamping pressure of 13 tons (14US).
  • The clamping beam opens as the folding beam returns so they are positioned for the next step simultaneously to save operative time.


Standard rails

Clamping beam with straight rail 30°
Lower beam rail
Double sided folding beam rail 7/10 mm (.275"/.394"), with quick change tooling (bayonet style)
Folding beam rail 20 mm (1"), with quick change tooling (bayonet style)

Standard features

Control system ProLink S, with touch screen and graphic programming and variable folding beam speed (frequency control and 2.2 kW motor) as standard
Adjustable crowning of folding beam rail



Our latest back gauge table is our most innovative and flexible so far. With AGS back gauge you can design your back gauge table exactly according to your production needs. The base unit spans over the length of the machine and has a depth of 1050 mm (41.3"). Then you can install additional modules to the right or left up to a total depth of 4300 mm (169") and in the middle section add as well. You choose if you want your back gauge straight or shaped as a J, L or U. Should your needs change, you can with reasonable effort expand your back gauge by adding modules afterwards. AGS back gauge is equipped with ball screw, linear guides and servo motor for highest precision and repeatability.

  • All back gauge positions can be reached in less than two seconds
  • Standard working depth 2-1050 mm (.080"-41.3") and as an option there are back gauges with 1550 mm (61"), 2050 mm (80"), 3300 mm (129") and 4300 mm (169") working depth
  • 14 gauging rails as standard (additional gauging rails as option)
  • Gauging rails can easily be moved sideways for maximum adaptation and were the back gauge panels regardless of position will fill out the back gauge table
  • 25 mm (0.98") high rear stop units
  • Back gauge panels with integrated steel ball transfers (nylon ball transfers for sensitive material as option)
  • Squaring arm on left and/or right side (optional)
  • Modular design with ability to retrofit extension modules
  • Compressed air is needed to activate stop units

ProLink S

With our new exclusive ProLink S CNC-system with touch screen the possibilities are unlimited. ProLInk S includes updates plus many new features, including Automatic folding sequencing (AFS) with collision detection to help the operator confirm that a profile is possible to fold and the optimal folding sequence for the profile. Another feature is Tool setup and Tool width calculation where valid tools and rails easily can be selected for the views and collision detection. The ProLink S will show where to place the correct segmented tools on the beams. Find an icon in the library: adjust dimensions and angles and the part you programmed is what you get! Because of its ease of use, an unskilled operator can produce perfect details efficiently and safely. The control system with its simple functions is very easy to understand and learn. Interactive graphic pictures are shown to the operator with instructions like rotate or flip the part - a condition to correctly be able to produce complicated details. In the control memory you can store a large amount of programs and you can also store programs on a memory stick as well. Every program can be saved with a graphical icon, with name and information. ProLink S calculates cut size and automatically creates a program where the finished part is shown with its actual folding sequence. The touch screen in mounted on a pendant arm that can be rotated for optimal viewing. It is also possible to turn the screen to the back side of the machine when folding large details. If you are programming in the office you can use the offline-software on the computer.



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