LANUSS: LSP-L800 deburring machine

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1.Items included in the equipment:

  • LSP-L800 deburring machine
  • A set of imported vacuum adsorption system (original import, safe and efficient, saving energy)
  • One set of 7.5KW vacuum dust collector

2.Equipment main processing range.

This equipment is a combination models that consists of dry sand belt and four sets of universal sand roller brush. Mainly used to handle the deburring at the edge of the workpiece, and the hole and the processing of the surface of the metal sheet, such as drawing, descaling and polishing. The burrs generated in the process of stamping, shearing, laser cutting, plasma cutting, flame cutting, etc. It can remove the burrs in one time, so that all the edges and holes of the workpiece can achieve a small R arc effect, and the machining process is safe and reliable, so that the workpiece achieve perfect quality.

3.Machine working principle:

The equipment first removes large burrs such as slag particles on the surface of the workpiece through a set of abrasive belt stations, and then uses the combination of four sets of universal sanding roller brushes(the adjacent two sand brush are rotated forward and backward, and combination of sand brush rotate forward)to remove the burrs at the edge of the workpiece and inside the holes and generate a uniform R angle (the R angle can be achieved by selecting different processes and abrasive belts), and the through-machining process will not destroy the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. At the same time, the belt working station and the sanding brush working station can also run independently. the belt running station can realize the processing of drawing, polishing, descaling and de-slaging of the surface of the metal sheet; the sand brush can be operated independently to achieve 360 degrees without dead angle deburring.

The conveying system is equipped with vacuum negative pressure adsorption to fix the workpiece, and the conveying system is frequency-controlled.

Equip with vacuum dust collector handles grinding dust to achieve environmentally friendly production and provides a good working environment for workers.


Inner structure


Inner structure drawing




LSP-L800 Main configurations and technical parameters


Main Specifications

Max processing width: 800mm
Processing thickness: 0.5-80mm
Minimum processing size: 50×50mm ( Vacuum adsorption )
Feeding speed: 0.5-6m/min
General power: Around 25.6KW (including vacuum adsorption and without dust collector)
Sand belt size: 1910mm×800 mm
Machine general size: L:3450mm×W:1750mm×H:2150mm
Sand brush size: Φ350×250mm
Worktable height: 870mm
Noise level: ≤80dB
Dust collecting efficiency: ≥85%
Dust collector air volume: 4000 M3/hour
Control system: Mitsubishi PLC CNC, 10 inch Weiluntong touch screen
Weight : 3.2Ton
Rangle range: R0.2~0.5
Processing and grinding consumables: all kinds of abrasive belts and abrasive sanding brushes


Main components and functions of the equipment

Item Specs Quantity Functions
Sand belt 1910mm×800mm 1 For drawing, descaling, large burrs
Sand belt motor 7.5KW 1 For belt drive
Sand belt roller Φ350mm×250mm 4 To remove the burrs
Universal rolling brush rotation motor 1.5KW 2 Used for universal roller brush rotation
Universal rolling brush revolving motor 0.75KW 1 universal rolling brush combination revolution
conveyor 6800mm×800mm 1 For conveying workpiece
Conveying motor 2.2KW 1 For conveying power
Conveyor bed lifting motor 0.75KW Servo motor 1 For conveyor bed lifting power
Universal rolling brush head lifting 0.4KW Servo motor 1 Used to compensate for roller brush wear and height adjustment
Controller PLC integrated control 1 For machine CNC controlling
Touch screen 10 inch 1 For machine CNC controlling
Dust colletor 7.5KW 1 For dust collecting
vacuum adsorption system 11KW 1 For vacuum adsorption


Part list

Motor Kawasaki,Taiwan
Lower voltage parts: Scheneifer,France
Pneumatic parts: Airtag Taiwan
Limit switch: Omron,Japan
Inverter: Schneider France
Control switch: Tianyi, Shanghai
Control system: Mitsubishi PLC centralized control
Touch screen: Weiluntong brand
Key parts bearing: SKF brand
Belt Correction Pairing Switch: American Bonner





1.The acceptance of the equipment shall be carried out on the site of Party B. Party B shall submit a pre-acceptance plan to Party A one week in advance, and Party A shall provide not less than 20 qualified product parts for the acceptance test machine (the specific quantity may be agreed otherwise). The test workpieces shoud be returned to Party A with the equipment.

2.Equipment acceptance According to the technical agreement, the technical information signed, and the relevant national equipment acceptance standards, the equipment function, manufacturing quality, and work accuracy are fully tested (mechanical devices, electrical equipment, labor safety, etc.).

3.Party B shall solve and improve the remaining problems in accordance with the requirements of the acceptance record. The results and requirements for the confirmation of the acceptance records shall not be arbitrarily changed. If changes are required, the parties must confirm and confirm in writing. After passing the qualification, it can be delivered to Party A.





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