SD V-CUT : RGEK-1500x4000 PCB CNC Gantry V-cutting Machine

เครื่องวีคัท RGEK-1500x4000

SD V-CUT RGEK-1500x4000
PCB CNC Gantry V-cutting Machine

เครื่องเซาะร่องวีคัทสำหรับงานตกแต่งภายใน โดยเฉพาะงานสแตนเลสที่เร่งความคมของมุม และประหยัด เวลาในการพับทำให้ได้ร่องตัวยูแคบที่มีความลึกสูง  คุณสมบัติที่โดดเด่นของเครื่อง V Cut จากวงศ์ธนาวุฒินี้คือความเสถียร ในการกินเนื้อ ด้วยความลึก ที่แม่นยำและแน่นอนพร้อมกับความแข็งแรง ที่สามารถทำให้การกินเนื้อสแตนเลสแต่ละครั้งกินได้ลึกด้วยจำนวนใบมีดแบบมัลติอินเสิร์ทคาร์ไบด์ นอกจากนี้ระบบการวีสามารถกลับหน้ามีดทำให้ประหยัดเล็บมีดได้เป็นอย่างดีอีกด้วย

1. Equipment specification

1.1. Equipment name : Gantry V-cutting Machine
1.2. Model RGEK1500*4000
1.3. Parameter

X axis → Controlling beam movement Y 1 axis → Controlling blade holder right and left movement
Y 2axis → Controlling oil cylinder movement Z axis → Controlling blade holder up and down movement


◆ RGEK V-cutting machine the frame and beam are designed with frame structure, the worktable using the 60mm low-alloy high-strength structural steel, frame with Q345 steel plate, the overall rigidity of the machine is good.
◆ In strict accordance with the machine tool production process, the use of electric furnace tempering, eliminating the welding stress to reduce equipment deformation.
◆ Ensure excellent paint finish through the sandblasting treatment.
◆ Frame through import 3 dimensional machine center, 1 time clamping processing, ensure the parallelism of the installation surface and vertical.
◆ Beam-type chip feed, low noise, stable working conditions 
◆ Double guide structure, Double rail structure, beam running more smoothly
◆ X-axis has the function of working control, the operator can control the work piece better
◆ Universal tool clamping mounting surface, to meet the requirements of a variety of tool clamping, high speed knife and alloy knife interchangeable.
◆ RGEK V-cutting machine processing parts using the hydraulic clamping to fixed, flexible clamping and unloading device, Hydraulic clamping system is fixed, the use of flexible clamping and unloading device:high-precision guidance system, position measurement system and hydraulic balance function, as far as possible to meet the needs of the processing board with out trauma, hydraulic compression,, Reliable compression,
hydraulic system additional accumulator compensation, motor gap work, save energy, control oil temperature.
◆ RGEK V-cutting machine using 4 knife processing "V" slot, so the cutting amount is uniform distribution, reducing the deformation of the work piece. And optional micro-cooling system to extend the life of the tool ,reduce production costs.
◆ The beam of the RGEK V-cutting machine is using the Tin bronze helical gears , 45 steel forgings quenched and arranged helical gears and QH silent rail drive, moving speed adjustable frequency, cutting process is smooth and efficient.
◆ The Knife holder of the RGEK V-cutting machine is retains the SFSR quiet ball screw and the QR roller reloading linear guide, so the accuracy is high.
◆ RGEK V-cutting machine can process to longitudinal and horizontal , and can in one process to achieve the positive and negative surface processing
◆ Use this machine just to enter the keyboard and processing procedures can be completed. According to the different operators and materials, available knobs to adjust the processing speed, easy to operate the operator.
◆ Can know the process from the display
◆ Using the servo motor and sensors to ensure the operators safety
◆ An alarm message appears on the display when the device is abnormal
◆ The manpower is required to be used only when the workpiece is dispensed and taken out, so it can save labor.
◆ RGEK V-cutting machine have the self-repair function in the course of use, customer scan according to their own requirements to slotting the table, to ensure processing accuracy
◆ Embedded CNC device using,real-time WINDOWS operating platform, the maximum guarantee operation of the device stability, support instant shutdown.
A new generation of touch-type CNC devices , provide a more efficient programming,operation and control. Combined with modern advanced technology, more convenient operation , improve productivity. Infrared touchscreen operation of the user application interface, to provide more direct fast navigation function keys for product programming and machine settings, shorten the operating time. Provides 2D and 3D programming, automaticcal culation of the slotting process and collision detection. 3D all-round,multi - stationmold real-time display real machine slotting operation feasibility. Using more efficient algorithms to optimize the machine work, shorten the operating cycle, improve machine efficiency, while the machine tool adjustment and control more convenient

The Exclusive features of V-Cutting machine
◆2D and 3D touch process
◆3D product graphics simulation display, and thus intuitive to see the bending effect after slotting
◆Complete Windows application package
◆USB, peripheral interface
◆Application of User Program in Multitasking Environment
◆Can achieve remote control, remote control of the phone, the normal operation of the machine, the phone set the next set of parameters to improve efficiency
◆Mainly electrical components are imported, in line with international standards, safe and reliable, long life,anti-interference ability, electric control cabinet with heat sink.

3.Main configuration

4.Spare parts and accessories

4.1.Spare parts list 

 4.2.Professional tools

5.Quality assurance and testing

5.1.Equipment manufacturing processes and materials in line with ISO quality system standards and the European CE system standards


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