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HSG: R20 3D Robot fiber laser cutting machine

เครื่องตัดไฟเบอร์เลเซอร์ด้วยโรบอท 3D R20

3D Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

3D cutting
Machine structure is designed according to human engineering, dynamic 2D and 3D cutting could be realized, even the most complex surface could be easily operated and finished.


Various complex 3D curve trajectories can be implemented freely and flexibly.

Widely used industries: automobile sheet metal, 3D kitchenware, sports equipment etc.

Fully demonstrate the characteristics of flexible transmission of fiber laser machine, combined with industrial robots, and realize space cutting on 3D production.

High machining accuracy

Centralized operation, fast moving speed, high machining accuracy, improve cutting quality stably .

Reduce labor intensity, lower operation skills for workers and labor costs.



The Main Function
- Support 6kinds of robot.
- Put out many formats:Such as Fonuc,ABB,Kawasaki,Kuka, Stuabli and so on.
- Recognized the robot cutting system progress and path.
- Immediately to check the PC delay and connection ,any problems could show immediately.
- Could freely replace the robot in the unit in just one click .
- By spatial point, edge and surface machining path generation.
- Getting the technical date through the 3standard Measuring instrument meter and 3D Scanner
- User could setting the robot running parameter.
- Freely to moving spare parts and checking tools.
- offering the tools to correct the spare parts with fast speed.
- Space point action definition is very simple
- Any complex number can produce 3D processing path
- All data have Solideworks
- Automatically checking the connection limit, show the screen prompts "close" alarm
- It shows the connection values at each point of the cutting path
- Reverse trick input data points
- Can input an existing robot programs,such as SRC、LS、JBL、PGR.
- Change the path by compensation or software
- Embedded motion simulation and robot arm configuration
- Users can modify the path at any level.
- Advanced path editing tools (smooth path, integration, deleting points, treatment points, simulation, etc.)
- Track manager helps users good check
- Users can customize any locus point processing parameters (such as laser switch, switch clamp, protective cover closed, etc.)
- Including the time editor
- It is easy to operate the robot Unit parts / tooling.
- Support in line with robots
- easy learning easy using.

Technical Parameters

Main Specification 
 The working size (R)  2010mm
 Machine size (L×W×H)  5200mm×1500mm×3300mm
 Robot MAX.loading   28kg
 Robot Rated loading  14kg
 Robot weight   250kg
 Reach length  2010mm
 Protection Class  IP65 (*67)
 Axis 1(A)  ±160°
 Axis 2(B)   ±137.5°
 Axis 3(C)   ±150°
 Axis 4(D)  ±270°
 Axis 5(E)  +120°/-105°
 Axis 6(F)   ±270°
 Axis 1 Max.speed   200°/S
 Axis 2 Max.speed  200°/S
 Axis 3 Max.speed  255°/S
 Axis 4 Max.speed  315°/S
 Axis 5 Max.speed  360°/S
 Axis 6 Max.speed  870°/S




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