Load / Unload System

HSG: TP65A Intelligent Tube Production Line


Intelligent Tube Production Line

Applicable materials

Specialized for all kinds of tube cutting like square, round, rectangle, elliptical, waist-shape, D shape, hexagonal tubes etc.

Laser Power&Configuration
Optional power 2000W-4000W
Max. Idle speed; 120m/min, max. Acc. Speed: 1.2G.

Fully Automatic Loading and Unloading Structure

Fully automatic loading and unloading structure is controlled by CNC system, it’s connected with tube cutting machine seamlessly. The whole bundle tubes lifting and loading control system realizes intelligent distribution and layout for tubes with full automatic feeding process. The loading device sends only one tube from the loading to the automatic measuring position, saving the cost of manual loading and unloading and improving the working efficiency.

Robot bending operation
Laser welding operation
Laser cleaning operation



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