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• Planetary movements: pending foils planetary movement that reduces frictions at minimum, frictions very common on traditional movement machines, such as diagonal or horizontal sliding guides, the two forming rols are pushed by outer pistons to avoid the deflection of tne roils and to guarantee a perfect flmshng job and shorter fiat ends.
• Direct drive through planetary gearboxes: All three rolls are directly motorized through a planetary drive that eliminates complicated transmission systems which are not energy efficient DIRECTLY COUPLED on the rolls, bearings and hydraulic motors, this way all machine strength is focused on the material to bend (positive strength) with consequent Energy saving.
• Permanet lubrication A machine components are pre-lubricated and sealed following a unique system granting lubrication for the whole machine life.
• Double spherical roller bearings for the rolls instead of bushings to eliminate bushing tolerances and friction which results in energy loss
• Tridimensional movement hydraulic side guides with the following movements up/down, back and forward, they rotate to adapt to the different bending radii.
• Universal Rolls: Standard universal rolls modules to suit an different kind of sections and for pipes. HE, INP and UNP beams special tools can be added as extra accessories
• Volatility: the machines are designed to work with shaft in vertical or horizontal position.

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