SHINETEK: ZDM-1000US Automatic Deburring Machine

ZDM-1000US Automatic Deburring Machine for Sheet Metal

ZDM-1000US Automatic Deburring Machine for Sheet Metal

• Structure combining abrasive belt and sand lump is adopted to effectively and rapidly remove various slag and burr through cold and & hot processing.
• Press roller conveying workpiece has micro deformable surface, while mesh type workpiece can be processed normally.
• Two groups of reverse sand lump mechanism can effectively and rapidly process the shape edge, burr and chamfer outside and inside outline of workpiece.
• Unique abrasive belt mechanism not only removes the slag and but also processes wiredrawing against the surface of the workpiece to makes it with uniform and straight pattern.
• Advanced control means can control the abrasive belt polishing mechanism and sand lump polishing mechanism respectively, which is suitable for the treatment requirements for different workpieces.
• Abrasive materials are consumed evenly, without any waste and with simple and rapid exchanging.
• Different kinds of abrasive materials are selected, which is suitable for various metals like carbon steel and stainless steel etc.

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