Laser Cutting - Sheet

HSG: G3015A cutting metal sheet

เครื่องตัดไฟเบอร์เลเซอร์ตัดแผ่น G3015A

High Speed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Machine body
The body is designed with a dislocation honeycomb structure which has good rigidity and high precision.

Cast aluminum beam
The liquid aluminum has good fluidity with uniform density and high strength.

Power configuration
Optional power 500W-3000W

High and low exchange table
Exchange takes 15 seconds only

IPG fiber laser
World-famous manufacturer

Auto - focus
Applicable to various focal lengths, which are controlled by machine tool control system.Focal point will be automatically adjusted in cutting process to achieve the best cutting effect of different thicknesses sheets metal.

Free you hands, Focal length is controlled by operating system. We don’t need to do manual regulation, which effectively avoids errors or faults caused by manual operation.

Adopt Bodor Lightning technology, perforation time is short, 90% of perforation time is saved;Bodor Lightning combined with Bodor Genius improved new process so that the perforation is not affected by the material quality and achieve perfect cutting with the best cutting section; saving cutting gas and electricity, saving cost.

When replacing different materials or different thicknesses sheet, manual focus laser head needs to adjust focal length manually, very inefficient; auto focus laser head can read system storage parameters automatically, very efficient;

Increasing perforation focus length, separately setting perforation focal length and cutting focal length, enhance cutting accuracy.

Processing area
4000*2000mm (optional)
Laser power
Max. moving speed
Max. acc. speed
Positioning accuracy
Reposition accuracy
Whole machine weight
Machine dimensions





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